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In the same vein as seoulfulness and anon_lovefest, this post will serve as an unnie-centric prompt meme. Feel free to drop off as many requests as you wish and fill to your heart's content.

IP logging is off as per usual and anon commenting is on; so for those that want to go anon and for those without LJ, please participate!

  • Please, please, please warn for certain material. Here's a list of common triggers. Use your own judgment about what is warn-worthy. We're not going to breathe down on you to fucking warn about swearing but we will delete posts that don't properly warn for rape.

  • Format titles as: Group(s), Pairing(s) or Character(s) if no pairing, Warnings if applicable

  • Example prompt:

Nine Muses, Hyuna/Sungah
airforce au, Hyuna helps Sungah train for her fighter pilot certification

  • Link images/art fills instead of embedding it directly.

  • Any and all groups, soloists, pairings, etc are welcome! Just remember that the focus should be on an unnie.

baby gimme that toot toot (lemme give you that beep beep) | sistar, dasom/soyu
teenage dirtbags | 94line, gen
three people who love coffee (and one who could do without) | nine muses, after school/hello venus, glam, kara/snsd
i like watching your face ('cause it looks like mine) | f(x)/snsd, jessica + yoona/krystal
more than words | sunny hill, jubi/seungah
don't ask me why | sunny hill, misung/kota
we're up all night for good fun (we're up all night to get lucky) | nine muses, sungah/everyone
help, i'm alive | hello venus/after school, ara/e-young
pull you in | sistar, soyu/bora, warning: breathplay
take me by the hand (you're all i've got left) | 4minute, gayoon/jiyoon

Have fun!
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